Ep.10 - A Christmas Story

December 24, 2015

Things discussed in this episode:

  • Rich ruins everyone's Christmas
  • Jaret reads a storybook
  • Jaret dates a porn-star
  • Rich punches the air
  • Jaret licks a lamppost
  • Jaret befriends his bully
  • Rich tells the teacher
  • Jaret buys CDs for a penny
  • Jaret misses all the good trees
  • Rich joins Tinder
  • Rich swears at his Mom
  • Jaret shits in the commode
  • Rich orders his decoder pin
  • Rich opens a lot of presents
  • Jaret takes the master bedroom
  • Jaret wanted Rich's name on it
  • Jaret shoots his eye out
  • Rich gets a gift from Santa
  • Rich gets confused by the Wizard of Oz
  • Jaret gets a new drum set
  • Rich pretends he's Oprah
  • Jaret eats Chinese
  • Eventually, we get around to talking about #AChristmasStory as well

Ep.9 - Star Wars (PART 2 of 2)

December 18, 2015

Things discussed in this episode:

  • Rich saves Star Wars
  • Jaret meets Spiderman
  • Jaret goes to the cantina
  • Rich hammers his head
  • Jaret reminisces on "Bubba" Fett
  • Rich finds the droids he's looking for
  • Jaret gets into more bar fights
  • Rich despecializes George Lucas
  • Jaret builds a brand new Death Star
  • Jaret supports Casey's decision
  • Rich takes Jaret for granted
  • Rich fights for Jedi
  • Jaret breathes while he talks
  • Jaret gives himself to the force
  • Jaret plays Tempest
  • Rich jerks with his hand
  • Eventually, we get around to talking about #StarWars as well

Ep.9 - Star Wars (PART 1 of 2)

December 17, 2015

We ran really long on this episode so we had to split it into two parts.  This half is mostly random discussions about Star Wars in general and the second half will be a more normal discussion about the scenes... ah, who am I kidding; we go off the rails in the second half as well.

Things discussed in this episode:  

  • Rich belts it out  
  • Jaret travels to "Tatoony"  
  • Rich puts Star Wars sheets on his bed  
  • Jaret loves his bother  
  • Jaret shoots Jawas  
  • Rich acquires all the Lukes  
  • Jaret becomes a Thespian  
  • Rich shoots at the ceiling  
  • Jaret doesn't find shit  
  • Jaret makes a list with bacon  
  • Jaret enhances Casey  
  • Rich kills Anakin Skywalker  
  • Jaret shot first  
  • Jaret hates on #RussellBrand  
  • Rich remakes Episode IV  
  • Rich wears a skirt  
  • Jaret Ubers the British  
  • Rich can't keep a girlfriend  
  • Jaret and Rich fight with lightsabers  
  • Rich stops censoring Jaret  
  • Eventually, we get around to talking about #StarWars as well

Ep.8 - The Beach (w/ SPECIAL GUEST)

December 10, 2015

Thanks to special guest and world traveler, Matt Shofman

You can find him here:

Things discussed in this episode:

  • Jaret drinks snake blood
  • Rich gets a real job
  • Jaret plays ping pong
  • Jaret parties with the lady boys
  • Rich shaves his adam's apple
  • Jaret tucks the biscuit
  • Jaret gets hostel
  • Jaret drinks himself to sleep
  • Rich has a foursome
  • Jaret swims with sharks
  • Jaret t-bags our guest
  • Rich gets an infatuation
  • Jaret gets raped by a spider monkey
  • Rich goes to a beach in a whore shoe
  • Jaret masturbates in a tent
  • Rich does algebra sex
  • Jaret picks up girls in Atlanta
  • Rich gets a female companion
  • Jaret plays cricket
  • Rich has shrimp-water sex
  • Jaret misses the boob shot
  • Jaret wears dirty underwear
  • Rich can't find the girls
  • Jaret gets his black belt
  • Jaret eats Kurdish cheese
  • Rich gets fungus in his rice
  • Rich stabs himself
  • Jaret kills a man
  • Rich chooses not to die
  • Rich shows his ninja skills
  • Jaret joins the #AmazingRace

Ep.7 - Fight Club

December 3, 2015

Things discussed in the episode:

  • Jaret retorts
  • Rich gets scared by #DavidFincher
  • Jaret shoots smack with Dinky Hocker
  • Rich chooses Anniston
  • Rich goes to the dentist
  • Jaret gets his weekly wet set
  • Jaret watches #DaysOfOurLives
  • Rich discovers anal nitrate
  • Jaret has mercy sex with Chloe
  • Jaret goes to AA
  • Rich vibrates his suitcase
  • Jaret sells dildos
  • Jaret searches for the vagina
  • Rich loses his U2 album
  • Rich covers his duvet
  • Jaret takes out a village in 'Nam
  • Jaret takes off the wheels
  • Rich defends #LeahWickersham's honor
  • Rich gets hit in the ear
  • Jaret goes non-camping
  • Rich searches for a girl with an accent
  • Jaret cuts his balls
  • Rich impregnates a girl
  • Rich fries chicken in ball sweat
  • Jaret uses the best balls
  • Jaret shoots his cheek
  • Eventually, we get around to talking about #FightClub as well