Ep.11 - E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

January 7, 2016

Things discussed in this episode:

  • Jaret watches Game of Thrones
  • Jaret wins with balls
  • Rich has penis breath
  • Rich becomes a virgin
  • Jaret plays Dungeons & Dragons
  • Rich gets runny pizza
  • Jaret gets terrorized by Danzam
  • Jaret touches peepees
  • Rich harasses the guy from E.T.
  • Rich suggests acting lessons for Drew Barrymore
  • Jaret cries... three times
  • Jaret dissects a frog
  • Rich steps on a frog
  • Rich leaves his kids at home
  • Jaret hauls ass on a bike
  • Jaret finds a way to poop
  • Jaret sings inward
  • Rich wears a NASA suit
  • Eventually, we get around to talking about E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial as well

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