Ep.37 - Ghostbusters (1984)

July 14, 2016

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Jaret and Rich discuss this week's movie, "Ghostbusters" (1984 version) as well as life, love, and other crazy topics like ghosts, busting things, eating twinkies, the new BFS CD progress, the new Ghostbusters movie and the cast differences, Donna Summer, home loans, theme song sound tracks galore, milkshakes bringing boys to the yard, and much, much more!  Oh and we also did another game of 5 Questions with $50 supporter, David Dooley.  "Tim Toole My Neighbor" hangs out for a bit, as well.   And, of course, we pull some questions out of the mailbag.  If you have a question, write us at jaretgoestothemovies@carsickfatkid.com. 

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