Ep.5 - Raiders of the Lost Ark

November 19, 2015

Things discussed in this episode:
  • Jaret hates on great singing
  • Rich wears more Magnum PI shorts
  • Jaret watches the wrong movie
  • Rich goes to his parents' "key parties"
  • Jaret learns movie taste from his sons
  • Rich gets scared by ‪#‎TedDanson‬
  • Rich defines a "trope"
  • Jaret discovers THE ‪#‎MichaelMoore‬
  • Jaret shows his balls to his future father-in-law
  • Rich runs from fiberglass
  • Jaret performs on the big stage
  • Jaret gags himself on an Eastern European
  • Jaret pees on a flaming ‪#‎MarkCuban‬
  • Rich gets mad about Greedo
  • Rich talks about his legless lizard
  • Jaret shows you where to kiss him
  • Rich rides a periscope
  • Jaret and Rich love on ‪#‎BradPitt‬
  • Jaret loves his brother
  • Jaret thanks Rich
  • Eventually, we get around to talking about ‪#‎RaidersOfTheLostArk‬ as well

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