Ep.6 - Planes, Trains and Automobiles

November 26, 2015

Things discussed in this VERY SPECIAL THANKSGIVING episode:

  • Jaret names his band
  • Jaret collaborates with Japan
  • Rich celebrates life
  • Jaret shoots a human
  • Rich teaches grammar
  • Jaret connects with #KevinBacon
  • Jaret has relations with #JohnTesh
  • Rich looks for the perfect girl
  • Rich gets delayed at O'Hare
  • Rich gets locked out of his house
  • Jaret parties with the hot one in #DestinysChild
  • Rich gets real
  • Jaret feels feelings
  • Jaret tells a story with a point
  • Rich get interesting, accidentally
  • Jaret takes a shower
  • Rich uses two pillows in Germany
  • Rich chooses vaping
  • Jaret shits on Rich's nose
  • Jaret feels all the feelings
  • Rich finally connects with Jaret
  • Jaret gets attacked by a coat
  • Rich discovers his dating philosophy
  • Rich thinks he thought
  • Jaret uses his Diners Club card
  • Rich goes on a journey
  • Rich gets a turkey from Chicken Express
  • Jaret feels feelings, yet again
  • Eventually, we get around to talking about #PlanesTrainsAndAutomobiles, as well

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