Ep.7 - Fight Club

December 3, 2015

Things discussed in the episode:

  • Jaret retorts
  • Rich gets scared by #DavidFincher
  • Jaret shoots smack with Dinky Hocker
  • Rich chooses Anniston
  • Rich goes to the dentist
  • Jaret gets his weekly wet set
  • Jaret watches #DaysOfOurLives
  • Rich discovers anal nitrate
  • Jaret has mercy sex with Chloe
  • Jaret goes to AA
  • Rich vibrates his suitcase
  • Jaret sells dildos
  • Jaret searches for the vagina
  • Rich loses his U2 album
  • Rich covers his duvet
  • Jaret takes out a village in 'Nam
  • Jaret takes off the wheels
  • Rich defends #LeahWickersham's honor
  • Rich gets hit in the ear
  • Jaret goes non-camping
  • Rich searches for a girl with an accent
  • Jaret cuts his balls
  • Rich impregnates a girl
  • Rich fries chicken in ball sweat
  • Jaret uses the best balls
  • Jaret shoots his cheek
  • Eventually, we get around to talking about #FightClub as well

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