Ep.8 - The Beach (w/ SPECIAL GUEST)

December 10, 2015

Thanks to special guest and world traveler, Matt Shofman

You can find him here:

Things discussed in this episode:

  • Jaret drinks snake blood
  • Rich gets a real job
  • Jaret plays ping pong
  • Jaret parties with the lady boys
  • Rich shaves his adam's apple
  • Jaret tucks the biscuit
  • Jaret gets hostel
  • Jaret drinks himself to sleep
  • Rich has a foursome
  • Jaret swims with sharks
  • Jaret t-bags our guest
  • Rich gets an infatuation
  • Jaret gets raped by a spider monkey
  • Rich goes to a beach in a whore shoe
  • Jaret masturbates in a tent
  • Rich does algebra sex
  • Jaret picks up girls in Atlanta
  • Rich gets a female companion
  • Jaret plays cricket
  • Rich has shrimp-water sex
  • Jaret misses the boob shot
  • Jaret wears dirty underwear
  • Rich can't find the girls
  • Jaret gets his black belt
  • Jaret eats Kurdish cheese
  • Rich gets fungus in his rice
  • Rich stabs himself
  • Jaret kills a man
  • Rich chooses not to die
  • Rich shows his ninja skills
  • Jaret joins the #AmazingRace

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