Ep.9 - Star Wars (PART 1 of 2)

December 17, 2015

We ran really long on this episode so we had to split it into two parts.  This half is mostly random discussions about Star Wars in general and the second half will be a more normal discussion about the scenes... ah, who am I kidding; we go off the rails in the second half as well.

Things discussed in this episode:  

  • Rich belts it out  
  • Jaret travels to "Tatoony"  
  • Rich puts Star Wars sheets on his bed  
  • Jaret loves his bother  
  • Jaret shoots Jawas  
  • Rich acquires all the Lukes  
  • Jaret becomes a Thespian  
  • Rich shoots at the ceiling  
  • Jaret doesn't find shit  
  • Jaret makes a list with bacon  
  • Jaret enhances Casey  
  • Rich kills Anakin Skywalker  
  • Jaret shot first  
  • Jaret hates on #RussellBrand  
  • Rich remakes Episode IV  
  • Rich wears a skirt  
  • Jaret Ubers the British  
  • Rich can't keep a girlfriend  
  • Jaret and Rich fight with lightsabers  
  • Rich stops censoring Jaret  
  • Eventually, we get around to talking about #StarWars as well

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