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  Get a personal "Thank you" message on the     show and a discount in our merch store!

  • We will personally thank and welcome you by name on an upcoming episode!

  • You can now refer to us as your employees!!

  • 20% discount on merch!



  • ALL the hilarious segments (the current week's episode and all of the outtakes historical archive) that we had to cut due to time constraints.

  • Bonus Episodes: from time to time we do random bonus episodes you can only hear right here on Patreon!

  • Plus previous (yet again, you're welcome!)



  • Access to random monthly movie polls (for example: "Which Brad Pitt movie should we do next month?"

  • Plus all previous rewards (you're STILL welcome!)



  • You will be mentioned, by name, on every episode

  • Your name will be added to our website as a producer of the show.

  • 4 PERKS per year! - We will send you a surprise in the mail every three months! Passed perks have been a set of Koosies and JGTTM notepads! 

  • Plus all previous rewards (The "you're welcomes" are now implied)



  • Submit a 30 second or less review of the weeks movie before we live stream, and we will include it on the show! just video or record yourself from your phone and send it to us!  (remember, we are usually a week ahead...Check the calendar! ) you can do this every week if you choose! 

  • 5 Questions Reserve - If someone cancels due to a conflict (and it happens fairly often!), we will reach out to one of our $35 supporters to take their place! You'll need to be available on short notice, but if you can jump on the show with us, you'll have a great time, you'll get to chat with JR and the crew, and who knows...maybe you'll start working your way up to one of our famous winner or participant plaques!

  • Plus all previous rewards



  • You'll be on the show!!!  We will Skype with you on a rotation with the other $50 and up patrons (your schedule permitting) to guest on the show. We'll ask you your thoughts on the movie and get to play 5 Questions with us which will air be included into the episode!

  • Plus all previous rewards



  • Limited to ONLY 2 Spots (David Dooley & Woody Chambers are the current Executive Producers)

  • You are officially, "THE MAN!" You are the boss (kinda). At the beginning of each podcast, we will let everyone know that you are the boss, and that this is a "(Your name here) production!"

  • Skype in ANY WEEK you choose and we will put you on 5 questions. 

  • Plus all previous rewards

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